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How it works

Largest Exercise Database

Whether you are working out in the gym or at home, Fitness Buddy will help you discover new exercises to make your personal training more customizable and effective.

Learn It

With over 1700 exercise moves, beginners and veterans both find something new. Each exercise comes with step-by-step photos and video to help you achieve that perfect form.

Better Than Pen
And Paper

Never log your workouts by hand again. Use Fitness Buddy to track your sets and coordinate your workouts with the automated rest period countdown timer, and many more accessible tools.

Track It

Record your important statistics in one place. Keep track of your daily exercises, bodyweight, body fat percentage, and body measurements. Fitness Buddy graphs your numbers over time to show you how you have improved.

Premium Plans

Fitness Buddy’s premium plans creates smart, tailored workouts based on your experience, fitness goals, and equipment available.

Achieve It

Need that extra push? In addition to detailed analyses of your exercise progress, Fitness Buddy also automatically increases your weights, repetitions, and duration based on your previous performances.

Experience It

Build a workout and bring it to the gym. Share it wirelessly to other users with Sonicast. See for yourself how Fitness Buddy makes it easy to connect and work out with other people.

Strengthen your craft

Stronger Core
Stronger Core
Dumbbell Row (Bent Over /Overhand Grip)
Power Stride
Barbell Lunge (Foreward)
Plantar Strength
Kettlebell Calf Raise (Standing/ Single Leg)
Explosive Strength
Barbell Clean (Power)
Blocking Strength
Barbell BenchPress (Flat/ Overhand Grip)
Leg Strength
Barbell Squat
Back Strength
Barbell Deadlift
Upper Body Development
Dumbbell Bench Press (Incline/ Neutral Grip)
Leg Power
Plate Loaded Leg Press
Cornering Agility
Dumbbell Sit-up (Decline Bench Oblique)
Powerful Kicks
Barbell Squat (Split)
Better Core Endurance
Barbell Good Morning
Lateral Motion
Medicine Ball Ski Jump
Versatile Strength
Versatile Strength
Power Drive
Barbell Thrust

Thrive within our close-knit

I want to be the world’s greatest powerlifter!

Guy Schliften, 34

I just want to feel healthier and know that my body’s healthy.

Alexa Gambino, 24

I want to prove that I can make fitness a part of my daily routine.

Sarah Brennan, 28


"This is a great app for anyone just starting out or even pro. You can make your own workout plans or subscribe to the annual plan for more features. For $30 a year, it beats the pants off of any gym membership. "

Ashley (Been_framed)

"I’ve used Fitness Buddy for years and still haven’t found another application that comes even close to virtually tracking any workout I might do."

Ashley (hathi25)

"The moving images demonstrating each exercise are so intuitive and helpful. They keep me from looking silly at the gym when I try something new"

Brad (Bradburelson)

"Creates excellent workouts, especially for a busy lifestyle. Very user friendly and tracks the progress for all of my exercises. Simple and definitely recommended."

Cyrus (Xyrus1)

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