Executive Team

Bojan Bostjancic

Bojan was a postdoc at CERN in Geneva when the Internet tsunami took him out of science into business. Prior to Azumio, he founded several successful internet and network infrastructure companies. A passionate kitesurfer, skier and biker, Bojan aims to redefine people’s attitudes towards health and wellness through the innovative use of mobile apps.

Peter Kuhar

Peter co-founded Azumio after his first app, Instant Heart Rate, hit the top charts. Now he's working on new technologies. Before Azumio he worked on low power wireless mesh networks and voice noise reduction.

Tom Xu

Tom graduated from UC Berkeley and combined his knowledge of CS and health to develop the first diabetes management app on the Apple app store, Glucose Buddy. He joined Azumio as a co-founder to lead product development with the intent of creating mobile solutions for health and wellness.

Bojan Kahvedzic

Bojan joined Azumio as a VP of Busines Development. Prior to Azumio, Bojan worked at Accel and Breyer Capital Investment Team where he helped initiate and manage several portfolio companies. He is an avid skier, a cyclist and enjoys local motorsports.